The Vincennes University Mining Program also provides an extensive series of services to its clients in the mining industry. edit

Additional services include:

  • Training Plan Development for Parts 46 and 48;
  • General workplace safety and health consultation;
  • Advisory Committee meetings: The Mining program holds regular meetings with an advisory committee which was formed to help Vincennes University respond to the needs of mining companies and miners.  The committee is made up of VU instructors, mine operators (from large and small mines), representatives from each of the major mining segments in Indiana (coal and metal/non-metal), the Indiana Bureau of Mines, and the Mine Safety and Health administration; 
  • Video Dissemination Services: Video dissemination services in DVD archival format for mine operators to supplement health and safety training;
  • Training Manual Development: The Mining Program may develop an Annual Refresher training manual, a Surface New Miner training manual, and one (1) Underground New Miner training manual, (coal, sand/gravel, metal, non-metal, and aggregates) generally on an annual basis. VU will also work with mining companies and the industry to update all training manuals to include current MSHA health and safety standards;
  • Program Evaluation: The Mining Program measures learning in every class to ensure that learning objectives are met and that miners return to the workplace with an increased awareness of hazards and safe work practices.

Vincennes University recognizes the growing need for heavy equipment operators and workers utilized in surface and underground mining operation, heavy construction projects, stone quarries and aggregate production facilities.

Responding to this need, Vincennes University has packaged Heavy Equipment Operator training courses into one comprehensive course that can be completed in as little as three weeks, no more than 6 weeks.  New sessions begin every month, so no need to wait for semesters to begin; we can get your training completed quickly.  In addition to the training, we offer a resume update that will get your job search off and running.

These classes include New Miner Training, both Surface and Underground and 4 simulator classes to cover front end loaders, haul trucks, roof bolters, and shuttle cars.  Our final training module is a hands-on training day that allows your use of our front end loader and 30 ton end dump to practice your new heavy equipment skills.  You will receive MSHA and VU certificates with a VU Certificate of Applied Learning awarded to those that complete all portions of the training.

This training package has been approved for funding by the Department of Workforce Development.   
Classes are held in the GCAT building in Fort Branch, Indiana.  For more information please contact John Tooley at or call 812-888-2870.

If you have received training through the Vincennes University Heavy Equipment Operator Training Grant Program, please send us an e-mail at and tell us your current employment status.

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 Vincennes University is proud to be Indiana's designated recipient of federal grant funding from the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) to provide assistance in the training and retraining of Indiana’s miners.  The VU program was initiated in October 2005 for miners in all segments of the mining industry including coal, sand and gravel, cement, crushed stone, dimension limestone, gypsum, shale and clay.  This program serves as the primary and reliable source of mine safety and health training for Indiana's miners and mining contractors.

VU's Mining Program provides the required training for new underground miners and required training for new surface miners.  In addition MSHA requires an Annual Refresher training for all miners.  This training too can be delivered through our group of MSHA-certified instructors.  Our instructors have years of experience in mine safety and health.  All of our instruction has been approved by and adheres strictly to the requirements set forth by the Mine Safety and Health Administration under the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 30.   Training is accomplished through classroom instruction on VU's campuses as well as at mine sites, contractor, and vendor locations throughout Indiana. (Please see our Schedules page for class dates and locations)

Training Options

  • Annual Refresher training for underground and surface miners that complies with Title 30 CFR, Parts 46 and 48;
  • Initial and Annual Refresher Supervisory First Aid training for surface and underground supervisors, miners, and contractors;
  • Annual Electrical Recertification;
  • Initial training for electrical certification for surface and underground miners;
  • New Miner training for surface miners for Title 30 CFR, Parts 46 and 48;
  • New Miner training for underground miners for Title 30 CFR, Part 48;
  • Train the Trainer courses;
  • Workshops, seminars, and events (on and off campus) to enhance to the skill-, safety-, and compentency-level of Indiana's mining workforce.


Additional Offerings include:

  • Training Plan development
  • General workplace safety and health consultation
  • Video Dissemination Services
  • Training Manual Development
  • Program Evaluation


The Vincennes University Mining Program is located in Room 133 of the Gibson County Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics, 8100 S US 41, Ft. Branch, IN 47648.

Contact the Vincennes University Mining Program:
Office number is 812-888-5031
Fax number is 812-888-2883
Mining Program Director, Kevin Hills

The Vincennes University Mining Program offers New Miner training, Annual Refresher Training, and Train the Trainer courses at the Gibson County Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics in Ft. Branch, at the Aviation Technology Center (ATC) in Indianapolis, or at a location convenient to your company and/or organization.

If you have any additional questions, please call the office at (812) 888-5031.

How to reserve a seat:

  • To reserve a seat in any of the offered classes , $50 non-refundable deposit is required. There are 4 ways to sign up:
  • Register Online for Classes at the Gibson Center or 
  • Register Online for Classes in Indianapolis
  • You may sign-up over the phone with a credit/debit card by calling our office at (812) 888-5031 and completing the enrollment process over the phone.
  • You may sign-up by bring your deposit to Room 133 of the Gibson Center in Ft. Branch and completing the enrollment process in our office. If you chose to come to the office, you may pay by credit/debit card, cash, cashier’s check, or money order. Cashier’s checks and money orders must be made payable to Vincennes University. 
  • You may sign up by mailing the Class Registration Form along with your deposit to:

Mining Program
Gibson Center
8100 S US 41
Ft. Branch, IN 47648

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Enrollment is not final until your deposit is received with your registration information.  The deposit will be applied to the cost of the class and the balance of the fees are payable on the first day of class.