Next Level Jobs is part of Governor Holcomb’s Next Level Indiana agenda to continue the positive momentum of our state. Under his leadership with support from the 2017 General Assembly, Indiana is taking the state’s workforce to the next level with a focus on the high-priority industries and high-demand jobs driving Indiana’s 21st Century economy forward. Two million Hoosiers need additional training to compete in the 21st Century workforce, and there will be over 1 million job openings in Indiana due to retirements and the creation of new jobs in the next decade. Whether you’re a Hoosier looking for a better-paying job or an employer looking for a better-skilled workforce, Indiana’s Next Level Jobs initiative can help.

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After more than 35 years of service, HTED Director Doug Bowman will retire from the Vincennes University Haas Technical Education Center on November 7.

Join us for a reception celebrating Mr. Bowman’s retirement on Thursday, November 7 from 2 - 4 PM at the Indiana Center for Applied Technology in Vincennes, IN.

Please join us in wishing Doug a long and wonderful retirement!


Vincennes University (VU) HTEC CNC Teacher Training Center is North America's first HTEC teacher training and certification center.

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The Vincennes University HTEC will get you further, faster as you train in CNC machining.


The first HTEC teacher training center in the world for over 2000 HTEC schools.


Works with partners to set the standard for HTEC CNC training and certification.


Helps the United States to become more competitive in advanced manufacturing by touching the lives of thousands of future programmers, CNC machinists, designers, engineers, and manufacturers through training and certifying their instructors.


Increases the intellectual capital of the United States workforce through training and certifying Haas customers and the teachers of the high school, community college and university manufacturing and engineering programs.



Eligible students can qualify for Workforce Ready Grant funds from the State of Indiana!

The grant covers full tuition costs and regularly assessed fees* for eligible Hoosiers who pursue select credit bearing certificates with VU in one of the following high-growth sectors of Indiana’s economy: advanced manufacturing, building & construction, health & life sciences, information technology & business services, and transportation & logistics.  (*Regularly assessed fees include Technology Fees and Capital Improvement Fees associated with each credit hour enrolled, as well as student activity fees for campus students.  It does not cover the cost of textbooks, tool kits, uniforms, lab fees or housing.)   The grant also provides up to $5,500.00 for eligible students who pursue a Next Level Jobs approved non-credit bearing training program with the University. 

To qualify for a Workforce Ready Grant, one must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Must be an Indiana Resident and a U.S. Citizen (or eligible resident)
  • Must possess a high school diploma (or equivalent) but less than a college degree
  • Maintain Satsifactory Academic Progress
  • Must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for your desired academic year [Only for Credit Bearing Programs]
  • Must enroll in one of the approved grant qualifying programs. (See Below)
  • Credit-bearing programs: Enroll as a full-time student for federal financial aid (typically four courses)

· If you are a Dependent Student for federal financial aid purposes.

  • Credit-bearing programs: Enroll at least as half-time student for federal financial aid (typically two courses)

· If you are an Independent Student for federal financial aid purposes.

The full grant eligibility requirements can be found here:



Credit Bearing Qualifying Programs

*Click each area of industry to see the credit bearing NLJ qualifying programs VU offers in that area. Campuses where program is offered in parentheses.



Non-Credit Bearing Qualifying Programs

*Click each area of industry to see the non-credit bearing NLJ qualifying programs VU offers in that area.