The quality and academic rigor of VU’s Project EXCEL dual credit program is heavily dependent on the active participation of the faculty liaison. All dual credit courses offered through Project EXCEL (PE) are required to have a VU faculty liaison to provide curriculum oversight and support to PE instructors.

Faculty liaisons may be full time, adjunct or retired VU faculty members as appointed by the division dean or department chairperson. Liaisons must agree to serve in accordance with the responsibilities contained herein, PE Policies and Procedures, and National Association for Concurrent Enrollment Partnership (NACEP) accreditation requirements.

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Faculty Liaison Handbook

Orientation Report Form

Site Visit Report Form

Instructor Report Form

Equipment Training Report Form

Professional Development Report Form

Professional Development Evaluation Form

Classroom/Lab/Equipment Approval Form

Pre-Approval Site Visit Report Form

Stipend Reimbursement Form

VU Car Reservation Request Form 

Same Day Travel Voucher

Overnight Travel Voucher