Project ASPIREE Financial Aid

Because price is of a paramount importance to many students and to many of their parents, here is a thumbnail sketch of the kinds of student financial aid that may be available:

  • Grants do not need to be repaid. Some are awarded based on financial need; others recognize academic ability or performance in areas such as music, or athletics.
  • There are many scholarships sponsored by foundations, corporations, or other organizations.
  • Loans must be repaid, usually starting after graduation. Many education loans feature low interest rates and generous payback schedules. The federal government sponsors a number of student loan programs, as do some private lenders and colleges themselves.
  • Jobs on campus or during summer breaks provide income to offset expenses and can be important sources of experience.

Indiana Financial Aid
Grants based on financial need; Academic performance awards, which supplement need-based aid; and Scholarships for special skill or need areas or particular groups of students, including (but not limited to) nursing, special education, minority teachers, or children of disabled veterans.

Illinois Financial Aid
Information on state scholarships and grants plus post secondary education financial aid programs is available from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.

Scholarship Database
Please check carefully the data site that collects personal financial data. (National Student Loan Database)
Purdue University Global nursing scholarship information

Minority Scholarships
African American Scholarships

Black Excel College Help Network 
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Gates Millenium Scholars Program

Test Prep Site