Purpose:   The following information is intended to serve as quick guide for employees, who have been approved with prior arrangement with their supervisor, to reference in forwarding your work phone to your personal phone, access your work computer remotely, how to host and/or participate in web conferencing sessions, setup your personal mobile device to access work email (Lotus Notes), how to reset your work email (Lotus Notes Web) password and how to obtain Internet access by enabling mobile hot spot on your cell phone (assuming you have data option).


Technical RequirementsHome computer compatible with university systems and sufficient Internet Access.


Access Work Phone

Click here for instructions on how to enable and disable auto-forwarding of your work to your personal phone.


Access Work Computer 

Setup (One-time)

  1. Configure Remote Desktop (RDP) on your work pc/laptop.   Click here for instructions.
  2. Install Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your home pc/laptop.  If Windows 7, click here or If Windows 10, click here: If MAC, click here.



  1.  Establish VPN connection on home device (pc/laptop)
  2. Connect to work device (pc/laptop), using Remote Desktop (RDP)


  1. Disconnect from Remote Desktop (RDP)
  2. Disconnect from Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Web Conferencing (using Zoom)

Setup / Host

Use / Participate

Simply cut and paste URL from invitation in web browser.


How to reset your Work Email (Lotus Notes Web) password, click here for instructions


Access Work Email (Lotus Notes) from your mobile device

Two Options:

1. Install (IBM Verse) app, which is available for both iphone and android devices, click here for instructions; or 

2. Install (IBM Notes Traveler) app, which is only for iphone devices, click here for instructions.


How to turn mobile hot spot on your cell phone, click here instructions for iphone and click here for instructions for android.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Management Information Center (MIC) by emailing or calling 812-888-4332.