Electronics Technology (Electronics Technician)(ASCT)

Electronics Technology (Electronics Technician)(ASCT)

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Electronics Technician

Available on the Vincennes campus

In today's high-tech world, everything is impacted by electronic controls. An electronics technician is needed to develop, install, and maintain these systems. This program prepares students for a career as an electronics technician. 

Graduates of this program will gain knowledge of electrical theory along with practical hands-on skills required to repair, maintain, calibrate, and install all kinds of electrical equipment. Possible avenues of employment includes quality control, sales, service and repair, engineering assistants, radio and television communications, industrial maintenance, and field technicians for every type of company imaginable. 

Areas of study include:

  • Basic Circuit analysis
  • Digital Circuits
  • Audio and video circuits
  • Computers
  • Industrial electronics
  • Communications

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2 Years


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