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Learn to communicate clearly and effectively, to think critically, to analyze and interpret information

Focused, Quality Education

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Two Year Associate of Science Transfer

My VU Story: Cameron Carver

"Vincennes University's English program is rewarding and has a lot to offer to those who put in the time to learn. Students have a wealth of knowledge to gain from professors who are engaging and effective in teaching a variety of subjects pertaining to English Grammar, Linguistics, British and American Literature, among other subjects. Of the courses I have taken so far that pertain to the English program, I have not had a professor or subject that I disliked and I have gained much needed insight into the English language which will help me on my way to becoming an English teacher. As a result of taking courses at VU, my writing has become more succinct; my understanding of how language is learned, communicated, and understood has broadened; and my knowledge and appreciation for various writers throughout different historical contexts has increased. Any student seeking a rewarding experience at VU should sign up for classes in the English program. Good luck."

Cameron Carver

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