Chemistry Degrees:  Majors and Concentrations  

The chemistry department offers a two-year associate’s degree in the Chemical Sciences that is designed for transfer to a 4-year institution.  There are nine concentrations within the Chemical Sciences A.S. Transfer Degree:  Biochemistry, Chemistry, Pre-Clinical Laboratory, Pre-Dental, Pre-Environmental Health Science, Food Science Concentration, Pre-Optometry Concentration, Pre-Pharmacy Concentration, and Pre-Veterinary.  Each concentration has its own set of requirements and advisor.  Click on each concentration for more information.  The education department offers one four-year degree in Secondary Science Education. 



4-year degrees:  B.S., Secondary Science Education

Major       - Concentration

Education  - Chemistry 4002, B.S.


2-year degrees:  A.S. Transfer

Major                    - Concentration

Chemical Sciences - Biochemistry Concentration 4071, A.S. Transfer

Chemical Sciences - Chemistry Concentration 4072, A.S. Transfer

Chemical Sciences - Pre-Clinical Laboratory Concentration 4073, A.S. Transfer

Chemical Sciences - Pre-Dental Concentration 4074, A.S. Transfer

Chemical Sciences - Pre-Environmental Health Science Concentration 4075, A.S. Transfer

Chemical Sciences - Food Science Concentration 4076, A.S. Transfer

Chemical Sciences - Pre-Optometry Concentration 4078, A.S. Transfer

Chemical Sciences - Pre-Pharmacy Concentration 4079, A.S. Transfer

Chemical Sciences - Pre-Veterinary Concentration 4080, A.S. Transfer



Completion of a bachelor’s degree in the chemical science major is excellent preparation for careers in biochemistry, chemistry, clinical laboratory, dentistry, environmental health science, food science, optometry, pharmacy and veterinary science.  It is also superb preparation for students who want to enter medical and veterinary schools.  Chemists are in demand at research and teaching universities and for research and development in chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, and state and federal laboratories because graduates acquire an outstanding range of skills in mathematics, problem solving, data collection, data analysis, observation, teamwork, oral and written communication, and technical report writing.